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Since its inception The Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Jersey has had tremendous growth due to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Basch. We would like to introduce the supporting medical workers you will be very fortunate to have on your team.


Matthew Poppe
Physicians Assistant


Once surgery has been performed, or a condition has been diagnosed many patients will be seeing Matthew at their follow up visits. Working under the supervision of Dr. Basch Matthew will document your progress, dispense medical prescriptions, and perform most of the functions of a physician. Questions about recovery? Worries about medication? Matthew's expertise as an Orthopedic Physicians Assistant will be apparent as he helps you to a complete recovery.

Karen Bachmann
Medical Assistant
Surgical Coordinator


If Dr. Basch's diagnosis is that surgery is the only treatment option, Karen will coordinate every aspect of your surgery, from pre-admission testing, to making arrangements with the proper surgical facility. She will also handle any provisions that need to be made for your recovery, such as providing braces or equipment. Karen can also answer any questions or worries about the upcoming surgery.



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