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Do you need surgery?

Nobody wants to hear surgery. Dr. Basch's philosophy as a spinal and orthopedic surgeon is to do everything possible to avoid surgery. He will look at conservative approaches to treatment and exhaust every avenue before recommending surgery as the best option.


Relationship Building
Dr. Basch finds that by doing this he forms a much deeper relationship with patients. By getting to know a patient on a deeper level a person opens up emotionally and gives clues as to what is truly bothering them. This allows Dr. Basch to see the entire situation and treat them as a person, not just an injury. It may not change Dr. Basch's method of treatment, but it gives himself and the patient a better understanding of their situation and a clearer picture as to what to expect during their recovery period. Dr. Basch has patients from several years ago that many surgeons would have presented surgery as their only treatment option. With medication along with other options many have been able to control their pain and delay or totally eliminate the need for surgery.

The truth is there are no guarantees with surgery. The surgeon's goal is designed for a positive outcome. However it does not always work out that way. There are injuries where its obvious surgery is the only option but there are also many occasions where the answer is not so obvious. In these cases Dr. Basch will refer or recommend other types of treatment such as Chiropractic, Physical and Massage Therapy first. At the Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Jersey surgery is always the last option.

Alternative Treatments
Dr. Basch believes that in many cases the body can heal and correct itself. The spine adjustments of a chiropractor as well as the soft tissue manipulation of massage therapy have been known to stimulate the body's own healing process. Once an injury or condition is diagnosed Dr. Basch will make the recommendation that's best for you.

More Information
The Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Jersey treats numerous types of injuries and conditions. Dr. Basch and staff will take whatever time is necessary to explain to each patient their particular problem. For those who would like to read up more on their problem or print out a pamphlet

Click on this link below:

Move your mouse over the area of the body you would like information on and click.

On the right there will be a list of all injuries and conditions for that area of the body. Click on the one you wish to read about.

An illustrated easy to read file will open giving you detailed information on that particular injury or condition. It is made to print out.

We hope that understanding your medical problem a little better will lower your stress level and make for a quicker recovery.





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